Underwriting & Analysis Modeling

We help our clients get deals.

All properties are unique. There value is based on many factors including...

  • Type
  • Location
  • Size
  • Tenant(s)
  • Quality
  • Competition/Supply
  • Tenant Demand
  • Operating costs
  • Capital Markets & Financing
  • Local, Regional, National and Global markets factors
  • Buyer/Investor/User Demand - Local, 1031, Private Equity, Owner/Operator, Family Office or Institutional Investor

The challenge many owners and brokers face surface in the analysis and packaging of these factors to tell a professional-compelling story to ideal targeted buyers/investors that gets deals done.

We help our customers by creating branded Valuation Analysis & Marketing Packages. Brokers & Agents leverage this service to off-load the work associated with research, modeling and building presentations to support investment sale opportunities to their property owner clients & prospects. Our analysis and deliverables include:

Property diligence

  • Property description
  • Operating, improvement and maintenance history that details an assets cash-flow
  • Location characteristic differentiators and discounting factors
  • Property characteristic differentiators and discounting factors

Rent roll analysis

  • Tenant mix, lease term analysis and re-tenanting exposure
  • Tenant operating and financial strength
  • Tenant to property/location dependencies and risks

Proforma Modeling & Sensitivity Analysis

  • P&L analysis and cashflow scenarios based on improvements, lease adjustments, and operating cost changes
  • Yield analysis based on the ideal buyers and how these map to their waterfall objectives
  • Financing analysis to identify and analyze lenders and their rates
  • Sensitivity analysis to identify yield, IRR, and cash-flow thresholds based on leveraged and non-leveraged scenarios

Market & Competition Analysis

  • Existing & planned competitive supply
  • Market rental rates, concessions and expenses that may compete for tenants
  • Tenant demand for the product (absorption)

Capital MarketS Analysis

  • Identifying and aligning ideal buyers based on their objectives
  • Providing guidance buyers & investors that are not a fit and why