CRE Email Marketing

So you'd like to start marketing your properties or portfolios of properties to the world. Great! Think about your email marketing strategy first.

There are a few approaches you can take:

Option 1: Sign-up for PropertyBlast, CRExi, Propertysend or another broadcast email marketing system and let them eblast the world.

Option 2: Create your own email list with your local brokers/agents, direct users, investors and other contacts you'd like to send to. Then use a MailChimp, Constant Contact or other email marketing platform that requires you to upload your contacts and create an email campaign that looks good.

Option 3: Use CRE Cloud Solutions.

Not sure about you, but as a broker myself my inbox is filled with email blasts from pretty much every broadcast email marketing system in existence.  I just don't have time to review and understand all of this information and really it has become a inbox issue. 

However, I always open, read and sometimes click on emails that are sent by people that I either know or are aware of in my market.

Our solution makes sending property, portfolio and custom email campaigns simple. All property and portfolio email campaigns are auto-sent from the listing agent of the property, so when it is received it is a name know to the recipient. The campaigns are auto generated from your property information, images, logo, etc. Your contacts are easily uploaded into the system, which allows users to integrate follow-up call tracking throug our integrated pipeline management CRM and property activity reporting to owners automatically. 

In 3 steps CRE Cloud Solution's integrates your contacts, properties, email marketing and reporting within your brand.

Typically we see a 30-40% open rate and a 5-7% click rate.

We can help you think through and build a email marketing list that builds trust and generates leads.

Click on the services BELOW to see all the other included email campaign features.

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