Research Intelligence

Sign Call Capture, Alert & Track

Sign calls have always been a huge source of leads, but capturing, alerting licensed brokers, sharing property information and tracking activity for owners has been difficult. Here is an simple way to handle this process.

  1. Log in to your Dashboard and click the 'Contacts/Leads' link under the CRM icon.


  1. From the 'Contact/Leads' page, click the "Quick Add Contact" button and enter the contact's information. IMPORTANT: If you'd like information auto-sent to the contact and the broker you MUST select a Property and a Team Member.


  1. To send a follow-up alert to the Team Member on a specific date and time as well as add it to their calendar, check the "Contact Follow-up Reminder" checkbox, select date, time, check the "Add to calendar" checkbox and enter any notes you'd like to include in the alert email and calendar invite.


  1. To auto-send the property information and flyer to the added contact, check the "Auto-Send property page and brochure to contact when saved" checkbox. Once saved the contact will automatically receive an email with the property web page and the flyer.


  1. Once saved, the contact will be saved and associated with the property, an email alert will be sent to the Team member, and calendar event will be created.