How it works

How Virtual Deal Rooms Work

Give investors, buyers and their brokers the ability to agree to confidential document access without having to print, scan and send CA agreements.

March 26, 2020

Below are the steps investors, buyers and brokers use, what information is captured and how you can build your CRM database of potential investors...

Step 1: An investor, buyer or their broker visit the property web page and click the "Offering Document Access" button and then click "Request Access".

Step 2: The user is taken to an Electronic CA/NDA Access agreement and form to fill in required fields. Once the required information is entered and selected, the user clicks the "Submit Agreement" button.

Step 3: Once submitted, the Agent/Broker(s) associated with the property receive a "Confidentiality Agreement Notification" email that includes a link to allow access.

Step 4: The Agent/Broker logs into the Admin, they can check the "APPROVED" checkbox to allow access.

Step 5: Once the user is 'Approved', they will receive an access email with a link to the page where they can log in and access the confidential documents.

Step 6: From the property page, the user clicks the "Offering Document Access" button, enters their email and password and then clicks the "Sign-in & View Docs" button.

Step 7: Once signed-in, the documents display and the user can click to view.

Step 8: Contact information and document views captured....


Here is how to set it up on one or more properties >>